HydroFIL® Particulate Filtration

  • WRAS Approved

  • BIM models available

  • Fully Automatic Backwash Operation

  • 20µm, 50µm, 100µm, 200µm Element Sizes Available

The installation of local filtration systems for the removal of particles from water is not a mandatory requirement within the UK, though it is in several European countries. Hydrotec believe that the adoption of this ‘best practice’ has many beneficial effects, both for the building and the end user alike. Despite the water supplier’s best endeavours, our supplied water will contain particulates on many occasions, some may be from the water supply itself, but much will be picked up in the pipework and due to pipe leaks, entrained scale deposits or corrosion during transit.

The transmission of these particles into buildings can have several serious consequences for the users.

  • Where water storage tanks are employed in the design, particulates may settle causing the accumulation of deposits, giving rise to breeding grounds for bacteria and requiring a higher frequency of cleaning and disinfection
  • Blockages to filters and strainers, reducing system flows and providing nutrients for bacteria
  • Damage to sensitive plant such as high efficiency water heaters and plate heat exchangers
  • Failure of water metering systems, and subsequent logging, monitoring and control systems
  • Enhanced risk of system corrosion, by particulate induced corrosion
  • Significant possibility of erosion corrosion, particularly in high velocity areas such as pipe bends
  • Entrained particulates can reduce the effectiveness of ultra violet water disinfection systems, by blocking the transmission of UV light to the bacteria (an effect known as shadowing)
  • Damage or incorrect operation of other downstream water treatment processes

sludge removed

Water filtration as a technology is not new, but has come increasingly to the forefront of water industry requirements as an essential part of many water treatment regimes.


Unfiltered dirt accumulates in this water storage tank from a medical building, this level of accumulation took less than two months.

Historically, replaceable cartridge element filters have been the standard way of dealing with the issues outlined above.

Whilst effective, they do have the disadvantage of frequent replacement of the cartridge with consequential downtime and manpower costs. As filtration technology has advanced, it has led to the development of automated backwashing filters. Automatic backwashing filters have a self-cleaning cycle that eliminates frequent disposable cartridge replacements and have the benefit of the reduced maintenance and without interruption to the supply.

backwash filter


HydroFIL® fully automatic backwash filters

The element in the backwash filter requires only infrequent replacement, typically at three year intervals, dependant on the nature of the water being filtered. The backwash process itself takes only a few seconds and is initiated by a timer controlled solenoid purge valve, which is fully programmable. Filters treating waters containing higher levels of particulates can be set to back wash more frequently, keeping the supply contaminant free and giving significant maintenance and cost savings, compared to regular disposable element replacement.

Supply Sources Requiring Filtration

The HydroFIL® range of products is designed for the application within the filtration of mains quality waters, there are however several other applications where this technology will be required, including:

  • Borehole supplies
  • Rainwater recycling
  • Grey water recycling

For other applications where only specific elements need to be removed from the water, multi-media filtration from our HydroSOLV® range may be the answer. These are of bespoke design and manufactured to meet exact filtration requirements for a specific site application, and therefore can cover a very wide range of criteria and flow rates. A full water analysis is required for these applications, Hydrotec provide this as part of our service. In addition we provide bag filtration systems, particularly where there is a requirement to remove deposits from hot water systems. It is recommended that the application is discussed with your local Hydrotec technical representative, to ensure the correct product is selected.