Hydrotec (UK) Ltd offer a wide range of turnkey preventative maintenance plans to ensure your water treatment system operates effectively and to optimum levels. These vary from single visits to site to carry out maintenance and to service your water treatment equipment to extensive service arrangements incorporating numerous site visits arranged at your convenience.

We can also arrange bespoke preventative maintenance plans to meet your specific budgetary and technical requirements.

To offer you the most technically accurate solution for your scale control regime we offer a free of charge water analysis to determine the langelier saturation index of your water supply this is carried out via our in house laboratory and by reviewing your system design we can offer the correct solution and continue to offer the highest standards of service possible.

Traditionally we have looked at the water hardness as the primary parameter for determining the requirement for scale prevention, however there are many other factors that contribute to the scale forming characteristics of water, here at Hydrotec we take a scientific approach to water chemistry and the implementation of water treatment technologies, in terms of scale control we review the waters langelier saturation index, this is a calculated number used to assess the calcium carbonate stability of water. It indicates whether the water will precipitate, dissolve, or be in equilibrium with calcium carbonate.

Our dedicated in house technical department can assist you with the design of bespoke water treatment systems, offer solutions to unique circumstances, provide support in the completion of technical drawings to ensure the correct design is implemented to optimise the performance of our water treatment systems.

They can carry out site survey design visits and where necessary implement specialist techniques such as non-intrusive flow monitoring, pressure and electrical system status monitoring, flexible endoscopy and can carry out descaling of hot water generation plant if required.

Additionally the technical team can assist you with troubleshooting of any issues that may arise and they are constantly promoting product development and working on new innovations such as remote equipment interrogation and more recently Hydrotec's involvement with building information modelling.