Meeting our customers specific requirements

Using the expertise of our team at our own purpose built production facility in Germany we can meet any specific design requirements you may have for packaged water treatment system, this has been requested more frequently as of late with an large increase in the number of fully skid mounted water treatment systems being required. Please contact us to discuss any specific system requirements you may have.


Expanding our product portfolio

This recent development with Honeywell has allowed us refocus our efforts and resources from the construction of our backwash filter systems to expanding the additional services, systems and technologies we can offer, these have recently included:

  • Side Stream Filtration System
  • Electrodeionization (EDI)
  • Hydrodynamic Cavitation Treatment Systems
  • Further development of the controls for both our HydroION range and HydroMAG T range
  • Obtaining WRAS approval for even more of our offered equipment
  • Closed circuit system chemical doing and filtration systems