General Enquiries

All general enquiries can be sent to our head office, using any of the following details.

Hydrotec (UK) Ltd.
Hydrotec House
5 Manor Courtyard
Hughenden Avenue
High Wycombe
HP13 5RE

Tel: 01494 796040
Fax: 01494 796049

If you require more in depth assistance or would like to discuss what Hydrotec (UK) Ltd can offer you, please feel free to contact the following:

Hydrotec Specification Team

By using their wealth of experience in the design and selection of water treatment systems the specification team can assist you by discussing your project specific technical requirements. In most instances they can supply you with the necessary information such as CAD drawings, system technical specification data, as well as offering bespoke water treatment packages where necessary. They will endeavour to offer systems that compliment your project designs to ensure a robust and effective water treatment solution.

Cheryl Louis-Taylor
M: 07712 135460
Southern Region (Central Mid-West & London)


Ed Sweet
M: 07801 529087
Southern Region (South & South West)


Joel Harker
M: 07711 756886
North and Midlands Region

Hydrotec International Sales

By applying the same UK principles to overseas projects, Hydrotec (UK) Ltd has been honoured to work on numerous overseas projects from airports to governmental organisations and high end hotels.

As our ability to design and provide effective water treatment solutions tailored for each project has been mastered through many years of experience. Hydrotec is now able to provide assistance with overseas projects through from early design stages to procurement, including aftersales support.

Faris Odeh
M: (+44) 07785 618352


Tariq Hussain
M: (+44) 07734 714818

Hydrotec Commercial Team

By utilising their combined experience of the building services industry the commercial team will assist you in offering cost effective, competitive water treatment solutions. This can be achieved by reviewing each project in detail to offer you a tailored solution to meet your technical and budgetary requirements. They can support you on all projects from tender stage through to procurement and installation.

Roy Newell
M: 07866 468139
Southern Region (South West)


Shaun Davies
M: 07785 615420
North & Midlands Region


Matt Pearce
M: 07940 954925
Central Mid-West and Home Counties


Johanna Hardie
M: 07825 785364
Commercial Design Manager - East Anglia

                                 Southern region (South East) 
                                 T: 01949 796 040 

Technical Sales

Hydrotec offers to provide you with dedicated technical and commercial support on all your projects. Our technical sales team will assist you in the production of CAD drawings, technical submissions, value engineered compliant proposals and any accompanying literature required to aid in your selection and procurement of water treatment plant.

Scott Brannigan
Technical Sales Manager
M: 07734 714819